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Is this the top of a Canon EOS 7D, or are we just hopelessly optimistic?

Darren Murph

C'mon Canon, this is getting just a wee bit ridiculous. Yesterday's NYC event came and went without nary a mention of the just-has-to-be-real EOS 7D DSLR, though we did see the latest piece of mildly convincing evidence while canvassing those six new PowerShots. Today, we're taking a look at what appears to be the top plate of the forthcoming (or so we hear) camera, though the fanboys over at DPReview can't seem to say for sure if this is a fake or even a sensible design for such a beastly shooter. So, we're asking you, dear readers -- what do you make of this? Are you finally a believer that the almost mythical 7D is actually just around the bend? Or do you think we're all crazy for being in said camp?

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