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Mitsubishi's new Blu-ray DVRs have you covered, from super resolution to VHS


Mitsubishi has always tried to take a different tack with its Blu-ray recording DVRs in Japan -- see its DVR-BF2000 model for evidence -- and we're sure someone's glad to see them going the extra mile with these latest three models. The DVR-BZ330 combines a 1TB hard drive with the super resolution upconversion that promises to pull additional information from low res video via its Diamond HD chip. If that bit of video magic isn't impressive(or believable) there's always the similar DVR-BZ230 sans-Diamond HD and half the hard drive space, while true back compat freaks should opt for the DVR-BV530 with VHS playback (no recording, we know you had an LP tape you've been saving.) Expect these to hit the streets in October from ¥180,000 ($1,915) for the high end DVR-BZ330 to ¥120,000 ($1,270) for the DVR-BV530.

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