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Breakfast Topic: So you're not going to BlizzCon

Matthew Rossi

It's okay. There's 11 million WoW players. If we all went to BlizzCon it would be very, very crowded.

Still, it's hard to deny the coolness we'll be missing. (No, I'm not going either.) Previews of upcoming games! Possible expansions! Panels where people who work at Blizzard talk about why they're nerfing or buffing your class! Swag! Murloc pets! My wife and I managed to at least get the Live Stream (she wanted a murloc, I wanted to see the panels, we're both happy) but watching it on the video feed isn't really the same thing as getting to go.

So my plans are as follows: finish up the week's raiding, fire up the live stream, and run as many alt runs through 10 and 25 man raids, heroics and assorted fun super happy time activities as I can to take my mind off of all the awesome news I'm sure will be leaking all over the place. How about you? Do you even care about the con? Are you sad, mad, or even glad not to go?

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