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Engadget seduces PS3 Slim, removes hard drive

We jokingly throw the word "technophile" around when referring to our colleagues over at Engadget -- but their most recent video preview of the PS3 Slim gives us serious cause for concern. You'll need to watch it (posted after the break) to see what we mean. We're not really disturbed by the way former Joystiq writer Ross Miller pries the svelte console's HDD from its innards. No, it's the soft piano music playing in the background and general tenderness exhibited by the cameraman that give the whole production an unsettling, Graduate-esque feel.

"Oh, hey, PS3 Slim. Look at you. You're looking mighty shapely this evening. Why don't you turn around for me. Yeah, real slow. Let me feel those buttons. That's nice, that's nice. Would you like some wine? We've got a lovely decanter of Garrafeira, imported straight from ... no? Are you comfortable? Good. Let's see that hard drive."

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