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FCC Responses: Google's turn to answer to the FCC

Joachim Bean

Along with Apple's and AT&T's response, Google has also responded to the FCC's inquiry on the Google Voice rejection. Unfortunately, the contact between Apple and Google on the rejection has been removed from the letter, which will not clear up everything just yet. There's no apparent reason why these details have been kept confidential. Anyway, Google's letter states first the features of their Google Voice app, mainly the standard features of Google Voice on other smartphones.

Next, in the question below, the FCC asks what Apple's explanation was for rejecting and for any communication Google has had with Apple.

What explanation was given (if any) for Apple's rejection of the Google Voice application (and for any other Google applications for iPhone that have been rejected, such as Google Latitude)? Please describe any communications between Google and AT&T or Apple on this topic and a summary of any meetings or discussion.

Google's answer to this question simply states "[BEGIN CONFIDENTIAL]" and "[END CONFIDENTIAL]"

Next, they go on to asking if Google has any other applications that have been approved on the App Store. They answer that they have Google Earth and Google Mobile (search) already approved and currently on the App Store. They also note Google provides the map data for the "Maps" application on the iPhone.

In the next question, they state that they don't have any other proposed applications pending to be submitted to the App Store.

When asked about other methods to access Google Voice on the iPhone, they answer that a user can can call in to their Google Voice number or visit Google Voice on Safari to access some Google Voice features on their iPhone.

Finally, they ask about the practices of Google's Android Market, Google's competitor to the App Store for devices that run Google's Android OS.

You can read the entire letter over at our sister site, Engadget.

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