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Nokia 5530 XpressMusic up for $290 preorder on US site

Chris Ziegler

We'd figured the 5530 was destined for markets around the globe where 2G still dominates, so imagine our pleasant surprise to see that good ol' Nokia USA is as amped as anyone to start selling the company's new low-cost S60 5th Edition device. This leaves potential buyers in a doozy of a dilemma, though: most retailers are now selling the 5530's big brother, the 5800, for under $300, which makes the $290 sticker for a 3G-less version pretty hard to swallow. On the flipside, the 5530's unquestionably the more attractive phone and the updated home screen is going to leave 5800 owners insanely envious. It's a tough call, and it's not a call we'd want to have to make -- one of each, perhaps? There's no shipping date listed on the preorder, but for your patience Nokia's awarding you with an MD-8 stereo Bluetooth speaker if you order online -- just pony up your $289.99, pick the white or black version of the phone, twiddle your thumbs, and don't be shocked when the New York and Chicago flagships get stock before you do.

[Thanks, Oscar M.]

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