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Video: PhotoFast CR-7000 SDHC to CF adapter takes on 5D Mark II, lives to burst about it


While we love those fast, high-capacity CompactFlash cards guaranteed to capture every frame of HD video shot by modern DSLRs, occasionally it would be nice to process those pixels to an SDHC card. The convenience of SD or the fact that you likely have more than a few unused cards lying around is enough justification to switch, at least temporarily. Fortunately, Akihabara News did a quick hands-on demonstration of the PhotoFast CR-7000 doing the SDHC-to-CF adapter thing inside of Canon's ultra-quick 5D Mark II. Sure, it won't capture 1080p video, but it seems to handle bursting reasonable well in a pinch. Check the full read over at Aki after peeping the video after the break.

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