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'Necromantic' DLC pack coming to Castle Crashers

It's been a long time coming -- like, a looooong time -- but it looks like an upcoming DLC pack for The Behemoth's four-player beat-'em-up is finally delivering the oft-promised Chainsaw weapon to Castle Crashers worldwide. It's part of the "Necromantic" DLC pack, which in addition to the gas-powered armament, will give players access to two new characters (the titular Necromancer and The Cult Minion), a new "Dragonhead" animal orb and two new weapons (the NG Skull Mace and, yes, the Chainsaw).

The Behemoth didn't reveal a price or a definitive release date for the pack, but did mention it is coming "SOON." That's their choice of capitalization, not ours. As in, it's not coming "soon" -- it's coming "SOON."

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