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Pocket Gamer: Nintendo looking to revamp DSiWare, compete against PSP Minis


According to the UK's Pocket Gamer, Nintendo is launching a new initiative to reinvigorate the DSi's digital distribution platform, DSiWare. Though prices will stick to the current model ($2, $5, $9), the piece reports that developers will have a lower barrier to entry for publishing their games on the DSiWare store. Nintendo apparently still has some say over developer pricing, as it will charge developers different rates based on a game's file size -- the example given being a $5 game must be under 200MBs, otherwise Nintendo charges a higher royalty rate.

After Sony announced the upcoming Minis for the PSP this week, it appears as though Nintendo has responded. Considering the fairly light support that the company has offered in the way of DSiWare -- that is, if you're not into themed clocks and, um, more clocks -- we're hoping that this effort will revitalize the downloadable game catalog on Nintendo's newest handheld.

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