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Northern Michigan University teams with Motorola for campus-wide WiMAX


Northern Michigan University was fairly early to the game in offering laptops and campus-wide WiFi to its students, and it looks like it's now stepping things up even further with a little help from Motorola, which is providing the backend for NMU's new campus-wide WiMAX network (a first in the US). Better still, the university is also providing some brand new WiMAX-equipped ThinkPads to nearly 3,000 of the school's more than 9,000 students, and it's also making a range of laptop and desktop WiMAX adapters available to students with non WiMAX-enabled computers. With a radius of some 30 miles, the network will also encompass a number of off-campus sites, and be made available to local schools and municipal offices though a licensing arrangement.

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