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The Daily Grind: Guild Wars 2 for you?

For those folks who enjoyed (or still enjoy) the original Guild Wars, the news out of GamesCom this last week was nothing short of epic. A brand new trailer for the long anticipated Guild Wars 2 has finally come out of ArenaNet with an amazing vision of the future. With the beautiful, lush work that we've come to expect out of their studio, the flyovers and underwater areas have an attention to detail and a grand scape that makes us want to play Guild Wars 2 right now.

Of course, we're but a tiny bunch of writers scattered across the world. This morning we wanted to ask you if you're interested in picking up GW2 as well? What is it that has fired up your interest? Is it the idea of the lore expanding from the previous games? The idea of battling hordes of Zhaitan's undead minions? Playing underwater? Something else? Perhaps you are completely new to the Guild Wars series, and are interested because it's something new. Or are you completely uninterested in Guild Wars 2, for whatever reason?

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