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38 Studios appoints MacLean as new CEO


38 Studios has put Jennifer MacLean at the head of the board table, announcing the departure of former CEO Brett Close. Despite the studio being founded and chaired by former Red Sox player Curt Schilling, Brett Close had been the business face of the company. 38 emphasized Close had resigned from the position and was not fired from the studio that, despite making some interesting moves like acquiring Big Huge Games, has yet to produce anything of substance -- although we are told that everyone at the studio is hard at work.

MacLean previously worked at the company as senior vice president of business development. If MacLean lasts long enough to show us Copernicus and gets the studio producing product, that would be a start. We expect to see a little something of what MacLean -- and Close -- have been doing with the company sometime next year.

Update: Added line that we expect to hear something next year.

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