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Onkyo's top-end TX-NRx007 receivers land stateside

Steven Kim

Onkyo gifted Europe with the release of its new top end receivers about a week ago, but now the news has come to the US. Up for grabs next month will be the TX-NR5007, TX-NR3007 and TX-NR1007 ($2,699, $2,099 and $1,599, respectively). As you can guess from the names, the networking theme has been carried across the lineup, so you'll have streaming support (DLNA, Pandora and Rhapsody) right into your receiver. These 9.2-channel models will also let you fill your room with speakers, and you can either choose to use the Dolby ProLogic IIz or Audyssey DSX for extra width or height. The 145-Watt TX-NR5007 and 140-Watt TX-NR3007 have eight (!) HDMI inputs and HQV Reon video processing, while the 135-Watt TX-NR1007 must make do with "only" six HDMI ins and Faroudja processing. As usual for Onkyo, all thee models are feature-packed additions, but if you ask us, the lineup is getting awfully crowded in both specs and price. Hit the link for details to help sort out the models.

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