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Reminder: The destroids are invading!


Citizens of Millenium City, take up your arms! Dr. Destroyer is attacking the city once more, but this time he has sent in legions upon legions of robots, including new Mega-Destroid! The robots are all over the city, but the Champions have been dispatched to fix the crisis, along with countless other heroes!

If you want to get in on some Dr. Destroyer smashing action, then you have to act today! It's the last day of the Champions Online beta test, and they're going out with their usual bang. All you have to do is log in, visit Millenium City (available from the Canadian or Desert helipads) and then speak with the cop on the helipad who's waving his arms about in the air. Once you do that, you'll be leveled up to 40, given all the powers you ever wanted, and you'll have a shot at taking down some Mega-Destroid. Destroids will be attacking until 3 AM ET, 12 AM PT this evening, when Cryptic switches off the lights.

Those who take down the Mega-Destroid will be given a special perk for their accomplishments (although the perk is kinda borked right now) and a special Mini-Destroid action figure for the live game! Kinda cool, and cute, in a destructive kind of way.

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