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Rumor: GT5 listed for Q4 2009 release (update)

The time of arrival for Sony's gorgeous racer, Gran Turismo 5, has been one of gaming's greatest mysteries. However, if a recent pamphlet supposedly handed out at GamesCom 2009 is legit, this ancient riddle might just have a solution -- according to the leaflet, the game is coming in "4. Quartel 2009." Now, we don't exactly sprechen sie den Deutch, but we're fairly sure that translates to "Q4 2009."

A bare bones version of the game was demoed at GamesCom 2009, and it will most certainly be the belle of the ball at Tokyo Game Show 2009 -- but we're an impatient lot. We've contacted Sony to see if they can shed some light on the rumored brochure, and the sweet, sweet GT5 release date details contained therein.

Update: A SCEE representative confirmed the brochure is legitimate. However, considering recent trends, we still have our doubts on if Sony can deliver on such a (surprisingly) quick release.

[Via GTPlanet, Thanks, Marius!]

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