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RUSE VIP beta later this year, strategy is to sign up now


Ubisoft's RUSE will cunningly deploy a "VIP Beta" later this year. The beta is currently announced only for PC, and access to it can be attained by signing up on the game's official website (while some codes were also given out at GamesCom). An Ubisoft representative told us there's "a chance [the beta] will go public, based on how the VIP access testing goes first."

Our hands-on time with RUSE at GamesCom was similar to our previous experience with the title, which is to say that it could be an impressive strategy game, so long as some serious work is put into making the console controls more intuitive. The game is still scheduled for Q1 2010, but with such an influx of high-profile titles during that time, we're wondering if that official release window is just a clever ruse.

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