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Square reboot Thexder NEO revealed by ESRB listing

Square Enix has its finger in a whole lot of pies right now -- but if a recent ESRB listing is any indication, the developer might be preparing to sully its digits in yet another pastry. Said listing is for a PS3 and PSP title called Thexder NEO -- a new entry in a classic Square-developed franchise, which first appeared on the prehistoric NEC PC-8801 platform before making its way to PC and NES. Considering Square held the reins of this IP back in 1985, we're assuming the company will develop this new title -- but until we get more details, there's no way to be sure.

According to the ESRB listing, Thexder NEO is "a side-scrolling action game in which players control a transforming robot through a series of maze-like levels." Stop right there, ESRB listing. You had us at "robot."

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