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ASUS puts Snapdragon smartbook on hold, breaks hearts of Androids everywhere

Tim Stevens

It was but a few months ago that we were lusting after a svelte little fanless Snapdragon Eee PC running Android and being demo'd at Computex. Now, ASUS is letting us all down softly, saying that project has been put on the shelf -- presumably to make room for another string of cookie-cutter netbooks. CEO Jerry Shen says "I don't see a clear market for smartbooks," which is true enough, but we're guessing the big laptop players didn't see a clear market for netbooks at first, either. So, not exactly great news for those looking for even cheaper and even more portable portables, but don't lose all hope: it wasn't that long ago that Western Digital said the SSD market didn't exist, and now look at 'em.

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