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DLC rushes into Crash Commando this week


Still playing the 2D multiplayer PSN game Crash Commando? Good, because the game is getting a massive update this week in the form of a patch and premium DLC. The free patch will balance the weapons of the game while improving bot AI, sound output and taunt animations. The upcoming patch also adds an in-game store so that players can purchase this week's upcoming DLC.

Most importantly, a new map pack will be released this week. For $2.99, players will be able to play through two new maps and the brand new "Heist" gameplay mode. Three new character packs will also be added, for $1.99 each. Crash Commando addicts will be able to pick up all the DLC in a $4.99 bundle -- a good deal if you want all the new extras.

For more details, check out the PlayStation.Blog.

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