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Dragonball Online opens main website, confirms that it is over 9,000


Normally we don't cover the opening of games in far, far off countries, like Korea. They usually don't affect us very much, and we're usually not that interested. But how can you not be interested when a game's power level is over 9,000!!!!!!

Yes, that's twice we've used the same meme in the same article. We apologize. But Dragonball Online's website is finally up over at Netmarble's games portal. Akira Toriyama's artstyle has translated beautifully to the game, looking much like his signature style in Dragon Quest.

The game will be picking up after the whole Dragonball saga it seems, as Buu-esque characters are being included in the main lineup. While Vegeta and Goku are still present, the game seems to be spinning the conflict back towards Earth and away from the superpowered fights of the Z and GT series. Our characters will get to deal with wildlife, dinosaurs, and your standard threats of earth, but that doesn't mean a new threat is lurking on the horizon of the planet! Now as long as it doesn't take us 10 episodes to complete one quest, this game should be pretty interesting to play.

While the entire website is in Korean (it is a Korean game, after all) there's some neat video and artwork available on the site for any eager Dragonball fan. Will it come to America though? Well, that's something that even we, in our unlimited power, can't say for sure.

[Via Liddokun]

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