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Engadget's Kindle design contest: we have winners!

Chris Ziegler

The votes are in, dear readers, and you've spoken loud and clear: from our original 23 finalists, your votes have boiled it down to five well-deserved winners who've clearly put time, effort, thought, determination, and old-fashioned elbow grease into their designs for gracing the metal back of Amazon's 6-inch Kindle.

So what happens next? We'll be working with winners and coordinating with the good folks at Adafruit Industries to turn these designs into reality thanks to some insanely high-powered precision lasers -- picture that scene in Goldfinger where the film's namesake tries to cut 007 in half to get an idea of just how high-powered we're talking about here -- and rest assured, we'll be posting plenty of pictures as they come out of the workshop! Follow the break for the lucky five (presented in order with the most votes first).

A huge word of thanks to Amazon, Adafruit Industries, everyone who submitted entries, and the voters who figured out where these Kindles belong!

Assembly Diagram

by Dan R.

Steampunk Kindle

by Josh M.

The Amazing Book of Everything

by Pak-Kei M.


by Matthew S.

Library Card

by Ryan M.

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