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The pre-order bonus of your dreams: A Bakugan pillowcase

Justin McElroy

Let the losers keep their night vision goggles and Batarangs, those of you pre-ordering Bakugan Battle Brawlers at Game Crazy are going to get the real premium: A pillowcase featuring BBB's lead character Dan. Just imagine how cool it's going to look this October as the neighborhood bully spirits it into the night, filled with your freshly collected Halloween candy.

What's that? Still not convinced? Did we mention that the reverse side features Dan's guardian Bakugan Dragonoid? Seriously, check it out after the jump.

Considering how great it looks there, we can't even imagine how gorgeous it'll be after its been drenched in the Jessica-Alba-dream-induced neck sweat and bitter tears of the planet's loneliest 33-year-old. Can you?

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