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BlizzCon 2009: The treasure-fishing quest


Just in case there weren't enough to do at BlizzCon this year, our goody bags included a quest:
Marcia Chase seeks your help. She has left instructions with a local merchant -- Brady Mercantile. She needs heroes to collect a set of 5 mysterious treasure-fishing lures. Brady Mercantile can be found in the Merchant's Quarter.
Brady Games provided a "Lure Bag" and a map of the locations of the lures, which were other vendors located in all of the halls. Obtaining the lures involved standing in line with your map and bag at the various vendor booths and then being handed a slimy lure. The sliminess did lend an authenticity to the procedure, while being mildly unpleasant.

In order to receive your quest reward, you needed to return with your completed map to the Brady Games booth between 4PM and 7PM on the second day of the con. A designated person was assigned to "feel your sack", another stamping the map as completed and another with a bag of stones from which to choose. The stones were green, blue and purple -- representing loot quality. Green included a poster, Blue was a Blizzard keychain or the WoW Manga and Purple included the WoW mouse.

The lines moved quickly and participants got to keep all of the quest pieces as well as the reward. Even though it is an obvious ploy to get attendees to visit vendor booths, it was a fun activity that I will do again if offered at the next BlizzCon.

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