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In Las Vegas? Bring your own video to The Mirage

David Winograd

We just stayed at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for a week, and found that the guest rooms are more than Mac friendly. In each room, built right into the wall, is a system from Teledapt that allows you to plug in just about anything and have it show up on the in-room 42" plasma screen.

As long as you have the right cable that plugs into your Mac and sports a VGA connector on the other side like the mini DVI to VGA cable, or the Mini Display Port to VGA cable, depending on the age of your Mac, you've got video. Add a simple male to male headphone cable to push sound and you're in business.

Don't have a Mac? A video capable iPod or iPhone will do just as well, at least it will if you're cool with the less than perfect video quality on the 42" screen. For that, you need an iPod/iPhone 30 pin dock connector to 3 wire RCA cable. Either way, choose the right input on the video system and once again, you're in.

But wait! There's more.

If you forgot your charger, you can plug in a standard USB to iPod/iPhone cable right into the system and as long as your device is new enough, meaning that it uses 5 volts and not 12 volts for charging (as all USB-capable iPod devices do), plug it in and it'll juice right up.

There is a bit of fine print. If you forgot the right cable, the Mirage gift store will be happy to sell it to you at a price that will make you gag. And if you decide you would like Internet, in-room wireless will set you back $14.95 for a 24-hour period while Motel 6 gives it to you for free. But hey -- this is Vegas baby!!

The Volcano isn't too shabby either.

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