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Leica to open a store in a store in the Photographic Centre in West Palm Beach

Tim Stevens

The gadget boutique trend continues, and Leica is latest to jump in for the retail romp, opening a store within a store in West Palm Beach, Florida. That outlet will be inside the Pro Shop for Photographers, which is itself inside the new Palm Beach Photographic Centre, a 26,000 square foot facility for teaching photography, hosting exhibits, and surely cooing over some of the company's sexier special editions. It's a non-profit facility, but we're guessing Leica is hoping its little corner of it will generate a little revenue when it opens in mid-October. Fun fact: despite having all that space, the Photographic Centre doesn't have a single dark room, leaving old-school film photographers with no place to go but the closet.

[Via ubergizmo]

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