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Massively goes toe to toe with Jade Dynasty's Andrew Brown pt. 2


Why should a player choose your game over the many other games on the market?

Jade Dynasty offers a lot to experienced MMO players and new players alike. Our leveling features make it easy to jump in and start playing, while giving experienced players the chance to take a break from traditional grind and not burn themselves out. I also play other games in addition to Jade Dynasty, and that's my point, I can actively play another game while still actively play Jade Dynasty. That's the beauty of it.

Once done and past the leveling, what can a player look forward to with Jade Dynasty? What options does the player have once they reach max level?

There is a lot of high level content to look forward to in Jade Dynasty. At level 90, players can join Battlegrounds, which is like a PvP sparring ground with objectives that need to be completed. I mentioned previously about the Fort Siege (225 vs 225) and the instances. A feature that will be coming out soon is the Ascension feature. Once Ascended your player will become "Immortal". That's all I can say!

How does Jade Dynasty handle PvP? Is it done in the open world, battlegrounds, or both? If it's done in the open world, can the invigorate feature target other players? What happens when two players with mana and health batteries get into a battle, as they can heal themselves for over 500,000 HP? Are there any item or experience losses for losing in Player vs. Player combat?

Jade Dynasty has a PvE and PvP realm system, so players can switch between the two play styles on the same character. This allows players who only wish to quest to do so in peace, but for those who love PvP will be able to do so from the get-go. There will also be Battlegrounds for more structured PvP.

Invigorate cannot target players-if you look in the Invigorate settings, there is only the choice to attack common monsters, elite monster or bosses.

Players who have mana and health batteries are welcome to use them, but there is a 5 second cooldown on use, so they may save you once in a battle, but not beyond that. All pending your opponents' skill level of course.

When you get killed in a PvP battle (world PvP not instanced like battlegrounds or fort siege) you do have a small chance to drop an item. So be careful, I have dropped a nicely upgrading weapon already. But there are items you can equip which will save you from this negative effect.

It seems that the team has been working closely with the community since closed beta, working on the game to tweak it to the preferences of the players. What changes have been made, and what's the next step for the development team in localizing Jade Dynasty?

Our community has been great at giving us feedback. We have been removing quests or changing them for the better. Cooldowns on potions were the community's idea. Recently we have been gathering lots of feedback on creating a hardcore PvP server, which is getting approved as I type this!

Well we're excited to hear that! Thanks for your time, Andrew!

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