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Motorola A3300c coming to China Telecom with WinMo, 3G?

Chris Ziegler

It's apparently still not 1,000 percent official, but that A3300 we spied not long ago from Motorola is looking a lot more real now that we've got pictures that look like they've been taken with something remotely resembling pro photography gear. is reporting that the full-touch WinMo phone has sprouted a "c" on the end of its name, a shout-out to the CDMA radio it's packing as it prepares for a launch on China Telecom's EV-DO-based 3G network. Other goodies on board include a 5 megapixel cam, WiFi, AGPS, and a WQVGA display -- and no, unless you're in China, you probably can't have it since Moto's all about Android now.


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