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PlayStation Home gets animated t-shirts, Killzone space tomorrow


PlayStation Home denizens will be able to open up their PSN wallets and go on a shopping spree tomorrow. The PlayStation.Blog is promising over 100 items will be up for grabs, like animated t-shirts, glow sticks and a brand new Killzone "Visari Throne Room." The virtual apartment will come equipped with 70 items, so you interior design freaks can go crazy.

While we admittedly don't frequent Home on a regular basis, we are glad to see that SCEA has designed a catchy promo to end their videos with. The redesigned PS3 logo and the slogan "It Only Does Everything" is a great statement that really makes clear the PS3's ability to play more than games. Now if only SCEA would bother going on a marketing campaign like its European counterpart ...

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