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DIY mini-fridge is just big enough for a can of soda, just odd enough to scare the FBI

Tim Stevens

Full-sized refrigerators are awfully easy to come by. Your average yard sale has one keg-sized example sitting in the corner (probably with the door removed), but what if you need something smaller? That's when you turn to instructables and learn how to put together this peltier-powered mini fridge. It has a trio of coolers (under)powered by a 55 watt, 5 volt power supply sprouting enough exposed transistors, wires, and fans to make it all look like something the Department of Homeland Security warned you about. It'll drop a can of soda down to a perfectly frosty 46F, but sadly nobody bothered to mention exactly how long that process takes -- hopefully a little less time than was required to stick the thing together with expanding foam.

[Via Hack A Day]

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