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More DUST 514 info revealed in video interview with CCP Games CEO

James Egan

The DUST 514 announcement from CCP Games pretty much lit up the internet during Gamescom. In case you missed it, the creators of the space-based MMO EVE Online announced that DUST 514 is a console MMO that combines a first person shooter with elements of a real time strategy game. Console gamers will play as mercenaries in DUST 514, hired guns that conquer territories, cities, even entire planets for the EVE Online players who employ them. These are the very same planets found in EVE Online. The ever-shifting solar system borders between player alliance (guild) territories in EVE means there will be an endless supply of lucrative contracts, and presumably military hardware, rolling in for DUST mercs.

To simply call this intertwining of two separate MMOs "ambitious" would be an understatement. This is really new ground in the industry, and no one's certain how this is going to work out. Many are skeptical. Quite a number of people wonder about what DUST 514 is going to mean for MMOs and for FPS games. Can a console MMO really integrate with EVE Online? Will EVE players accept that gamers who've never flown a single day in their New Eden galaxy will be able to affect their control over solar systems? There are so many questions.

Fortunately, a video interview with CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson at Gamona sheds a little more light on the game and its integration with EVE Online. Stick with us after the jump for a video embed of Hilmar discussing DUST 514.

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