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New Kingdom Under Fire II gameplay footage, screens


New Kingdom Under Fire II media has been released, showing off some of the first footage of actual gameplay. The game looks to play similarly to its predecessors, offering hack-and-slash gameplay mixed with some strategic elements. The first trailer, embedded above, deals mostly with the simple fighting mechanics. You know the drill: Hammer on the light attack button and occasionally tap the heavy attack button.

The second video, embedded after the break, shows off the ability to call in strategic strikes from different units. Specifically, the hero of the game -- whom we affectionately refer to as Captain Cornrows -- calls archers to send a volley of arrows into the enemy ranks. Somewhat more interesting is calling for a mage to summon a giant fireball from the sky. Seriously, what would you pick: Tiny arrows or a giant fireball?

Check out both trailers and be sure to look at the new screens in the gallery below.

[Via Gaming Bits]

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