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One Boss Leaves: Keristrasza finishes it


Two Bosses Enter ... but only One Boss Leaves, in's series of fantasy death matches. Welcome to Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season. Grab a seat, and let's get ready to rumble!

Keristrasza (tail) swept to another decisive victory this week to obliterate Zuramat the Obliterator by an even larger margin than her 75% first-round win over Cyanigosa. With just a hair less than 80% of the vote this week, the red dragon blasted her way through Zuramat's Void Sentries.

The view from the spectator stands:

Eddie: The dragon would win if, and only if, the sentries get hit with Intense Cold. If not, then its a clear with for Z. Gunna need some clarification for this one. I think that all the people saying the dragon win is based on the Sentries biting the dust because of Intense Cold.

Invierna: You're right, but that's what would happen. One of Zuramat's abilities involves Void Shift on a random player. In this case, Keri would be solo, and could thus destroy the sentries with Intense Cold debuffs. Since Zuramat himself isn't responsible for most player deaths - his Sentries are - I'd give this fight to Keri. It seems currently 82% of readers agree.

Res: No one ever stopped to think what would happen if Zuramat simply didn't use his Void Shift ability? Voidwalkers aren't retarded; I reckon he knows that by using Void Shift, he puts his minions on the line, so when facing a single foe, he would just overlook Void Shift and spawn as many adds as he can.

Omegan01: My theory was that the Void Shift was required in some fashion - as in, Zuramat needs the life energy of the people he's fighting in order to fuel his Void Sentries, but it comes with the corollary that it makes the Sentries themselves vulnerable, and he simply gambles on trying to kill us before we can wake up to that fact. If he could simply forego Void Shift with no strings attached, then he would never bother with it at all.

schwonga: This one is a bit trickier to think out, because nether boss thinks like a rational humanoid being. I mean, one's been driven insane; the other is a demon lord that's been held in captivity for who knows how long and is probably just out for killing type "fun." But that's where we have the main connection between the two, and the connection I'll be using, and a connection I am blatantly ripping off another ... errm, storyline? Universe? Uhh, tabletop turned novels turned MMO?

Kill. Maim. Destroy.

Keristrasza meets Zuramat. Instantly, the urge and desire for the other's death hits like a freight train from hell. Dragon-lady goes in, claws bearing down on the demon, who starts shooting his little Shadow Bolts and swinging like no tomorrow. Keristrasza starts off strong, the Intense Cold starting to get Zuramat down and really slowing him down.

Then the Void Sentries start filing in, and Keristrasza makes the mistake of ignoring them for a while. After all, at the beginning, Zuramat's minions really aren't much of a threat. The fight goes on, and what little of the demon's mind is dedicated to survival kicks in as it realizes movement will help him kill by keeping it alive.

At this point, psycho dragon is starting to really feel the pain of multiple Sentries bearing down on her, and she is shifted into the void. Seeing the Sentries for the first time, she lets loose her breath attack and Tail Sweet at the uncovered foes, clearing them out completely. However, it's not enough to seal the battle for her, as more and more Sentries file in.

Feeling her death approaching, her broken mind reels into that uncontrollable rage as she homes in on Zuramat. Zuramat has no new tricks to offer and cries out for more Sentries as the dragon chomps down on it. Not really having a stomach for demon, the dragon hurls him around in her jaws, all the while breathing more of her Crystalfire Breath directly into Zuramat's being. The demon can no longer hold its form together and disperses violently, in colors of blue and black.

Stay tuned for the next match of Round Two of the five-man Wrath of the Lich King season and vote to determine who rocks Wrath's five-man world.

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