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Rock Band Network Store coming to PS3, Wii players out of luck


Aspiring artists that want to publish their songs in the Rock Band Network will have to stick with Xbox 360. The tools, which were developed through Microsoft's XNA program, can't be ported over to Sony's machine. However, PS3 owners will still be able to access a large number of user-uploaded songs through the Rock Band Network Store, which will be patched into Rock Band 2 late this year; most likely in mid-November.

Not every song from the Rock Band Network will be available for PS3 owners. The option to bring a song over to the PS3 version of the Store will be offered at Harmonix's discretion, and even then it will be entirely "opt in." Artists will have to do some paperwork to properly port their songs onto the PlayStation Network, a process Harmonix believes no one will refuse. "It's more revenue, right?"

Essentially, PS3 owners will have access to the "greatest hits" of the Rock Band Network, while members of the Xbox 360 Creator's Club will be able to play and review every song that passes through the servers. Wii owners, on the other hand, are completely out of luck. "We would love to get it running on the Wii," Harmonix told us. However, the studio doesn't have the ability to patch games on Nintendo's platform. Until Harmonix discovers a workaround, Wii owners can only purchase additional songs officially distributed through Rock Band Weekly.

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