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Sun-powered Scosche solCHAT Bluetooth speaker phone is a bright idea


And now for something completely different -- a post about something other than Snow Leopard.

Accessory manufacturer Scosche today announced the solCHAT solar Bluetooth speaker phone. Designed to work with Bluetooth phones like the iPhone, the solCHAT attaches to either the front windshield of your car or to the driver's visor. When sitting in direct sunlight, a small solar panel charges up the solCHAT, although the manufacturer recommends giving the device an initial full charge through the included USB adapter.

When you're ready to drive, you simply punch the big button to power up and connect to your iPhone. When a call comes in, a verbal caller ID speaks the number that is calling. A Scosche spokesperson noted that a future version may sync contact information from the iPhone to allow the caller's name to be announced.

The solCHAT retails for US$99 and is available through the Scosche website or Best Buy.

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