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Tim Curry provides voice of 'calculating villain' in Dragon Age: Origins


EA and BioWare have made the obvious -- and quite correct -- choice in casting Tim Curry as Arl Rendon Howe, a man whose insatiable lust for power puts him at odds with the heroes of November's swords-and-sultry-sorcery epic, Dragon Age: Origins. Those keeping count on Curry's "calculating villain" roles will remember his appearance as Premier Cherdenko in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, as well as his forthcoming part as Doviculus in Brütal Legend, slated for release a few weeks before Halloween (when anything can happen).

Dragon Age: Origins, which BioWare describes as having the largest cast of characters in any of its games to date, will also feature the vocal talents of Tim Russ, Claudia Black (you'll spot her in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves this October), Steve Valentine, and Kate Mulgrew, who was last seen slurping coffee and balking at the Prime Directive in Star Trek: Voyager.

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