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Analog trigger squeezes its way onto PlayStation Motion Controller


Sony's R&D guru Richard Marks made a recent appearance on the PlayStation.Blog to talk more about the PlayStation Motion Controller. In a new seven minute video (after the break), Marks spent a bit more time going through the various technology demos first unveiled during E3. While Sony commented that the ball-on-a-stick design was simply a prototype, the controller in Marks's hand doesn't appear to be very different (if at all) to what was shown earlier this year.

In addition to reiterating claims of its accuracy and the importance of tactile buttons, Marks mentioned a few details that you may not have known about the controller. Firstly, he talks about the controller's analog trigger: "It has this analog trigger which really is a great metaphor for squeezing and grabbing. So you can grab and you can put as much pressure as you want to grab something with, which is really great for picking things up or for giving you the ability to just interact with the scene in a way that's completely different than we've been able to do before."

Next, he confirms that the controller will be able to rumble, much like Nintendo's Wii Remote. "It can give you some feedback about what's happening through rumble, which is very private and only you are getting." Private? We're not sure that's the best word (note: link slightly NSFW) to use when describing force feedback.

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