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Annual ESA report boasts perfect 43-0 record against gaming regulation

Here's a lesson that governmental bodies across the nation just can't seem to learn -- if you try to regulate the sale of video games for any reason, you're stepping to the ESA. When you step to the ESA, you're gonna get burned. We've seen examples of the ESA's domination over would-be gaming regulators in the past -- but the organization's latest annual report put a number to their success: 43 legal victories, zero losses.

That's 43 bills over the past year that hoped to restrict the sale of video games in some manner that didn't become laws due to the ESA's legal intervention. In addtion, the group has also promoted tax incentives for game developers which were approved in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Michigan and Texas (and are being considered in 17 other states). In short, if you see an ESA member today, you should probably give them a high-five.

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