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EA releases Fight Night Round 4 DLC, dubious sales data


First thing's first: EA's official blog informs us that the new DLC we reported on a few weeks back is available for download, which adds a bunch of new faces to pummel. There's also a title update that flips the switch on the new button-based control scheme. Okay, now onto the juicy stuff.

EA also sent us a press release about the new content in ad server Fight Night Round 4, but took care to point out that the game had "sold over a million units in its first month," according to NPD data. Our more observant readers may remember the game sold 471.1K on Xbox 360 and PS3 in June and 116K on Xbox 360 in July and, considering the PS3 version wasn't even on the July list, you can see it just doesn't add up. Even if we assume FNR4 on PS3 sold 96K -- lower than the last title on July's list -- it still doesn't add up. We're not mathologists (well, okay, one of us is), but Denmark is stinkin' something fierce right now.

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