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EverQuest II producer's letter looks at "Shards of Destiny"

William Dobson

EverQuest II's senior producer Alan "Brenlo" Crosby has penned his latest letter to the community, mainly to talk about the next big Game Update Shards of Destiny and its arrival on the Test Server. While the patch isn't slated to go live until late September, players on Test can try out some of the new features already. One new system that is being introduced is Chronomagic, which allows players to reduce their level by speaking to an NPC in town, meaning they can play with lower level friends or simply revisit earlier content. Another Shards of Destiny addition is housing renovations, providing more space and room for items.

If you're just after new content, the patch will have some of that too. There will be a new x4 dungeon called Miragul's Planar Shard, and Erollisi Marr's Shard of Love ought to bring some romance to Norrath. EverQuest II will also be jumping on the achievement bandwagon, adding their own Achievement System. All of the above isn't coming for another few weeks, but Brenlo did mention a small patch that just went in a few days ago too. It added a field to the "Welcome" screen that lists the current Daily Mission, as well as the current "Hot Zone". In the past, EQII's Hot Zones were temporary experience bonuses, but the term's meaning has been changed to indicate zones with an increased fabled item drop-rate. Not too shabby.

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