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FCC exposes, dissects DJ Hero turntable peripheral

This has been a big week for pieces of gaming hardware getting explodified -- this time around, the subject of dissection is the turntable peripheral for Activision's upcoming Mix Master Mike sim, DJ Hero. However, the disassembly wasn't committed by a tech-savvy hacker, or even a DIY site. Instead, the operation was performed by the Federal Communications Commission. Yes, your tax dollars are being applied to the destruction of video game peripherals.

Though most of the depictions of the turntable controller have been glamorous but somewhat non-revealing, the FCC completely exposes the controller in it's most vulnerable state. We'd say the FCC is kind of like the Hustler of gaming hardware snapshots -- but we would never actually say that because that would be an awfully creepy thing to say on a video game blog.

[Thanks, Caleb]

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