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Soul of the Ultimate Nation closed beta test starts today for all players


If you've been looking forward to Soul of the Ultimate Nation finally coming to America, well now's your chance to give the game a whirl. Today marks the opening of the game's closed beta test, which really isn't as closed as it sounds.

If you're an member, you already have access to the game. If you're not, well simply sign up for an account to get the ball rolling. Please be aware that only four territories have access to SUN on currently, and that's Mexico, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. If you're having trouble logging in, check out this thread on their forums.

Closed beta testers will also get the chance to win an exclusive in-game pet -- the husky. To win this illustrious pet, you'll need to fill out one of their closed beta test surveys and have more than 2 characters on your account. The winning 100 accounts will be chosen randomly and will be announced during the first week of the open beta.

So while you're downloading the client, feel free to check out some of our exclusive screenshots below. You'll be awash in the game soon enough.

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