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WoW Moviewatch: Salad Elf


Salads are good, especially with Hawaiian Pizzas. I prefer a caesar salad, but a strange number of people in my family are into the blue cheese junk. Yuck.

Today's movie, Salad Elf by Irdeen, is about a Night Elf with a gentler side to himself.

I enjoyed the voice over in it, it had a certain children's tale quality to it. Mother goose and all that. The actual machinima was done well enough. Irdeen mentions that this was a BlizzCon submission that didn't make it, and I suspect that the only reason it didn't get shown at BlizzCon was that the competition was quite good this year - the bar is getting set higher and higher for WoW machinima.

Now... off to make a salad for lunch. Eat that Kael'thas.

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