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Breakfast Topic: What secret weapon lies within Uldum?

Matt Low

Looking ahead beyond Icecrown Citadel, one of the zones that intrigue me the most has been around for an extremely long time. In Cataclysm, we're going to finally gain the chance to explore the area.

I'm referring to Uldum of course. Somewhere behind its gates, we'll be given the task of discovering and then securing the super weapon in order to keep it away from the hands (claws?) of Deathwing and from the Horde (or Alliance).

So here's the 64,000 gold question. What on Azeroth could possibly be so powerful to attract even Deathwing's attention? Think about it. He's one of the most powerful beings on the planet that's still alive. Granted he's lost his sanity a long time ago, but he seems lucid enough to go after something that can help amplify his power even further.

My idea? Well we know the Titans were involved in the creation of Ulduar and Uldum. Not only that, but they were responsible for landscaping all of Azeroth. So what if the weapon behind Uldum isn't really a weapon but more of a giant landscaping tool capable of flattening mountains or making really deep holes?

Or maybe it's a weapon similar to the one shown in my favorite science fiction TV show (which is no longer on the air) that has the ability to either create life or destroy it by reshaping their molecular structure? (Hint: Jaffa! Kree!) We will be assaulting the Halls of Origination after all.

Or maybe it's a whole swackload of caged murlocs with giant "lazers" attached to their bodies.

Bad movie references aside, anyone else out there the least bit curious about what we'll be going after in the future? Or what we're keeping away from Deathwing? What could it be?

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