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EyePet making your coffee table more adorable Nov. 17

Finally, we can attach a date to the exact moment kids across the world can stop begging for real-life, responsibility-mandating pets, and can instead fall in love with their virtual, responsibility-free counterparts. That is to say, we know the release date for Sony's EyePet -- it's set to drop November 17 in the States. If you've got a PlayStation Eye already, you can pick up the core game for $39.99 -- though an Eye-equipped bundle is also coming for $59.99.

For a quick breakdown of what EyePet is all about, check out the recent PlayStation.Blog video posted after the break. Here's a quick summary: It's like Seaman, only way less creepy, and with a Monkey-esque thing instead of a Man-Fish, and also the Monkey-thing will never learn to speak and question you about your sex life. We hope.

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