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SWTOR's Sith Warrior detailed, cataloged

Kyle Horner

Gamescom provided us with plenty of information on the newly revealed Sith Warrior class for Star Wars: The Old Republic. So much is already known, making the newly revealed official web page feel like a safe place to keep all that information rather than a source of geeky revelation.

We're nothing if not persistent in our quest to discover curious new things, and such is what we found in the concept art on the Sith Warrior's Holonet entry. BioWare seems to be outdoing themselves when it comes to designing various lightsaber hilts for the unscrupulous Sith. Additionally, reading the overview text for the class reveals two storylines: One where your character aligns themselves with the recently formed Dark Council, and the other a path of the renegade seeking their own goals.

Watching the short videos cemented it for us, most likely. BioWare will be hard pressed to show us another Empire class that warrants a significant chunk of our time. Then again, with PAX just one week away, they may just do that.

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