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WoW Insider Show today at 3:30pm Eastern

Mike Schramm

Man it seems like ages since we've done our podcast at the usual time, but we're returning to the airwaves at the regular 3:30pm Eastern today (that's August 29, 2009 3:30 PM EDT), and it's going to be a good one. We'll have perspectives on BlizzCon both from people who were there (Turpster, Alex Ziebart, and I) as well as from someone who wasn't there (Michael "Belfaire" Sacco), and we'll talk about everything we saw in the new starter zones and all of the other new things we saw on the show floor. We'll also talk about this Deathwing guy and why he's a great choice for the next big bad, as well as how close we actually are to the expansion's release.

And of course, seeing as it's been a few weeks since we really dived into the inbox, we'll answer your emails -- you can send them along any time to "theshow AT wow dawt com." And I believe that during our livestream of the meetup, I promised some loot cards and wasn't able to deliver, so we'll do that as well. Should be a great show - we'll see you over on the Ustream page (or in the embedded feed after the break) this afternoon.

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