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Former Maxis employee working on new project, SpyParty

If you enjoyed the bioengineering action of Spore, you owe Chris Hecker a debt of gratitude. He was a contributing developer for the title, and is a six-year employee at Maxis -- rather, he was an employee, until he was let go from the company during Maxis' recent round of layoffs. However, he's not recovering from the downsizing by crying into his ice cream -- instead, he's using his newly found free time to develop one of the most interesting-sounding independent games we've heard of in a while.

Hecker's project, SpyParty, pits two players against each other in two different roles -- one plays the eponymous Spy, who must move around a party, discreetly completing objectives and blending in with the other guests. The other player is a Sniper who must identify the Spy's movements, and, well, snipe them. The game was received fairly well when demoed at GDC earlier this year -- now, we hope Hecker will have the time he needs to crank out a finished product. Best of luck, Chris!

[Via Big Download]

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