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Goldmund enters universal Blu-ray player space in typically gaudy fashion

Steven Kim

You knew it was only a matter of time before Goldmund jumped in on the Blu-ray bandwagon, and the result as just as ridiculous as you'd expect. The new Eidos Reference Blue -- yes, it's spelled with an "e" -- is a universal Blu-ray playback system that puts heavy (literally) emphasis on damping down all vibrations. Didn't you know that much like the needle on the old Edison cylinders you're still clinging to, those digital bits just hate to be shaken around? Well, the 180-pound Eidos Reference Blue will put a stop to that nonsense. High end decks from mere mortal companies have nothing on this player that must have been woven by especially dexterous unicorn hooves -- it's so exclusive that the 50 produced units will only be offered to Goldmund subscribers; if you haven't heard of said club, you won't be getting one. We all know the first rule of Goldmund club, right?

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