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Hi-Rez Studios to host all-night Global Agenda LAN party at Dragon*Con

James Egan

Are you interested in checking out the sci-fi MMOFPS Global Agenda, but didn't get accepted into beta? The team at Hi-Rez Studios has good news for anyone who's going to be in Atlanta during Dragon*Con 2009. They're going to have an all-night LAN party for Global Agenda which anyone can crash, even if you don't have a Dragon*Con pass. Hi-Rez Studios bills this as an "all-you-can play, hands-on experience with the upcoming game, Global Agenda. There will be PvE missions, PvP death matches, and your chance to get an inside look" at the game.

Interested? You can check out the details on the Global Agenda site, but the gist of their announcement is that the LAN party will be held on Friday September 4th in the Digital Gaming Area of the Hilton. The Hi-Rez event will be on the 3rd floor, conference rooms 309-312. There's no cost of admission, food and drinks will be provided so gluttony is encouraged, and again you won't even need a Dragon*Con pass to get in. This sounds like a great chance to play the game well in advance of launch.

UPDATE: LAN party attendees will, in fact, need a Dragon*Con pass to enter the Digital Gaming Area.

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