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LG taking Viewty name way downmarket with GW300?

Chris Ziegler

When we hear "Viewty," we think expansive touchscreens and ample, high-capability cameras. LG might be a little over-excited to capitalize on the brand's name recognition, though, because that uninteresting GW300 we showed you a little a while back -- the low-end portrait QWERTY handset with a 2 megapixel cam, quadband EDGE, and a meek QVGA display -- has apparently been slapped with a Viewty badge and quietly released in France with nary a peep out of LG's press offices. As best as we can tell, the company figures customers will stroll into the store, see the phone, think to themselves "holy [expletive], I can get a Viewty for [some ridiculously small amount of euro]?" and plunk down the cash -- but given how the GW300 looks nothing like its brand siblings, we can't picture that happening.

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